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Tanning Tips

Did you know you can achieve up to 70% better tanning results with a tanning lotion?


Will you tan without using lotion?  Yes, but the UV light will only penetrate the top layer of the skin and you will actually reflect up to 70% of the UV light when you don’t use lotion.  The reason why is because when your skin is dry your cells stand up causing the reflection.  Tanning lotions lay down the cells, allows the UV light to penetrate deeper resulting in a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan while putting vitamins back into your skin. 


Tanning lotions are formulated with ingredients to help accelerate the tanning process while promoting healthier skin.  You naturally shed your skin every 30 days. When your skin is dry and flaky there goes your tan.  Healthier skin tans better than dry flaky skin.  Tanning lotions and after tanning lotions help in the magnification and processing of the UV and minimizing the fading process.   

Our tanning professionals can help find a tanning lotion and after tan moisturizer which is best for your skin type and your desired tanning results.

Did you know lotions with Mineral, petroleum, and Vaseline can actually strip your tan or prevent you from tanning?


Mineral oil is a man made by product from crude oil.  The same stuff they make gasoline from. Mineral oil is a byproduct from manufacturing when they are making gasoline. Why would you want to use it on your skin?

It is CHEAPER for manufacturers to use these products as “a filler”.   98% of all cosmetics use mineral oil, including your eye shadow, blush, lipstick and your everyday regular moisturizer and lotion you use at home. These products increase the photo-aging of the skin, clogs pores, strips your tan or prevents your from tanning.   It acts like a plastic film on your skin.  It does not let anything go in our out.  It does not allow your skin to breathe which is unhealthy because our bodies are made to naturally regulate our temperature.  Mineral oil can damage the acrylics causing them to premature crack.  Imagine what this can do to our skin?  

Ask our tanning professional which lotions and skin care products are right for your skin type.  We carry Arbonne International skin care products, Designer Skin, Australian Gold, Devoted Creations, Swedish Beauty, Tanzotic and Fiesta Sun tanning products along with a whole line of hair products such as Biosilk, Halo, Therapro.

Did you know your facial cleansers, soaps and facial creams could be bleaching or striping your tan?


Have you ever used a product because it will help “remove” the dark circles or help “reduce” sun spots, freckles or blemishes?  The reason why these soaps, cleansers, facial creams and moisturizers have ingredients which act like a bleaching agent to “remove” or “reduce”.  


You never want to use bar soap because it is higher in PH which strips your tan faster.   You want to use shower gels which do not contain mineral oil or petroleum products.  You want to use skin care products which are made for tanners.  Use products which are PH balanced such as Arbonne International skin care products. 

Did you know the number one way colds are spread are through the eyes? 

It is very important to have your own pair of eye protection to wear during each tanning session.   Never "borrow" or "share" eye protection.  Anything you put on or around your eyes can increase the chance of eye infections or the spread of colds.  This is why it is important to wash your eye protection in an anti-bacterial soap after each use to remove dirt and grime and to prevent bacteria growth.   

You should replace your eye protection every couple of months to ensure proper protection.  UV light can break down the materials and make the eye protection less effective in protecting your eyes against the UV light exposure to your eyes. 

In a single tanning session, the greatest danger to your eyes is photokeratitis, or an eye burn. It’s also called “welder ’s flash” or “snow blindness.” The tanner experiences red, itchy watery eyes, and many describe the experience as extremely painful, like they have sand in their eyes. That is not sand in your eyes, that is your cornea peeling!

Long term effects of not wearing proper eye protection include night blindness, loss of color vision, cataracts or growths on the eye are caused by repeated exposure to intense UV.   Damage from indoor tanning and outdoor tanning  accumulates over time.   To avoid such damage always wear a FDA compliant eye protection indoors and UV 400 block sun glasses outdoors.  Sunglasses with stylish small lenses don't block enough ambient light.  Choose sunglasses which wrap around with a snug fit to provide the best protection. 

Your eye protections needs to fit snug and cover all areas of the eye.  We carry a variety of different shapes and sizes to accommodate everyones needs including sunnies, peepers, sun globes and Propecs.  We have disposable Wink-ease or Viewkeepers for the most sanitary usage.