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Merry Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. The weather is
starting to get colder. Daylight becomes shorter and
shorter. Just because it is cold and less sunshine doesn't
mean you have to be pale. Add some color this year from
HeatWave Tanning.

Did you know that the lack of vitamin D is linked with the
flu? Learn more at www.vitamindcouncil.com. We want you
to get your vitamin D this winter to help fight off the flu
season along with those winter blues. We are offering
$5.00 off any monthly package for our E-Club members only.
Promo Code: Dec 2007 NL

Have a Christmas party to go to? Call today to book your
spray on tan. Only $19.95 for our E-Club members. Promo
Code: Dec 2007 NL Spray

Don't forget for every friend you refer you receive $3.00
credit on your account. You chose how you spend it. Start
referring today!

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prices. Learn more at

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